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5 Best Tips for Dealing With Wedding Day Stress:

From What You Can Do to What Others Can Do For You

Every detail has been considered, from the sweet, floral aroma of the bouquet to the jewels on the dress and veil on your head. Your maid-of-honor assures you everything will be perfect, but you can’t help but worry.

Despite all the pre-planning, there can be hiccups – that’s what you’re saying to yourself.

What if the handmade wedding favors start to fall apart? Will there be enough food for everyone? Will they enjoy it? Has the wedding venue been confirmed? Wedding Day stress is completely normal.

As experienced Orlando wedding catering service professionals, we’ve seen A LOT of weddings.  Having watched hundreds of brides handle the big day, we put our heads together and compiled the following five tips to help you stay stress-free so that your wedding day runs smoothly.

  1. Plan your event with Wedding Catering Companies you Trust: A lot of thought went into finding your life partner. The same should be said of the wedding catering vendors you choose to make your big day special.

    The caterer contributes in a big way to the overall “vibe” of the big day. If a wedding catering company is impersonal or gives you an uneasy feeling, trust your gut and take the extra time to find a different company.

    Here’s where the stress reduction comes in. Many times the staff of the wedding catering company is the first line of defense in an event crisis. Good wedding catering companies are practically professional stress reducers for the big day. Make sure yours is experienced with many weddings in many venues.

  2. Practice Mindfulness Leading Up to the Big Day: Stress and anxiety are expected on such an important day. It’s okay to recognize this, but it can also be overwhelming.

    Practice your breathing and meditating when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Over time, you’ll learn what works to keep your mind uncluttered.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, “Simple mindfulness exercises can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Research indicates that engaging your senses outdoors is especially beneficial.”

    When you recognize any wedding stress, guide yourself through your favorite mindfulness technique and return to the day’s festivities.

  3. Avoid/Limit Caffeine: According to Psych Central, caffeine activates your adenosine receptors, increasing anxiety and resulting in physical symptoms like “jitters, disrupted sleep, gastric distress and irritability.”

    That’s not to say that you should go cold turkey with your coffee intake to cope with wedding stress. The last thing you need is a withdrawal headache halfway through your wedding pictures.

    However, we frequently get requests to “Get the bride more coffee!” and we see that those who overindulge become more jittery and even more anxious.

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  4. Surround Yourself with People You Love: We see many weddings where the bride is isolated with one or two other people. And we see others where the bride spends time socializing with many people before the ceremony.Our observations are that the more people a bride sees and hugs, the more relaxed she is. Nothing brings more comfort than being in a community of people who love you and want to see you doing well.Feeling your guests’ love and support you can make all the difference. Medical News Today found that “direct person-to-person contact triggers parts of our nervous system that release a ‘cocktail’ of neurotransmitters tasked with regulating our response to stress and anxiety.”Furthermore, make sure the people you plan to spend the most time with (your bridal/bachelor party) work with you to create a loving, welcoming environment. If you are relaxed, your wedding guests will be too, and vice versa.
  5. Have a Weather Backup Plan: Out of everything on your wedding day, the weather is the most uncontrollable. The best thing you can do is plan for it, especially if any aspect of your day is outside, including simply getting deliveries.

    Even if you are just planning to walk from one wedding venue to another, make sure you have a vehicle or even an umbrella ready just in case. It’s good to be prepared, especially in places like Orlando, where the weather can change by the minute.

    Seek out wedding venues that offer flexibility for backup plans. Good event venues will work with you to pivot quickly if the weather is an issue on your wedding day.

    Remember, this day is all about you and your partner, so take care of yourselves. We hope these tips help you feel better equipped to help alleviate any stress on the day of your wedding.


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