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Orlando BBQ and Picnic

Gourmet BBQ and Picnic Delights in Orlando

Savor the Best Summer Picnic and BBQ in Orlando Summer in Orlando is the perfect time to indulge in the delightful flavors of a gourmet picnic or BBQ. Choose your adventure by enjoying the comfort of traditional BBQ favorites, or lay out a blanket and host a lovely picnic on the beach or at one... View Article

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Easter meal catered by Plate Above Cateirng

Easter Sunday To-Go Easter Brunch and Dinner

Enjoy a stress-free Easter Sunday Orlando with a delicious, ready-to-heat brunch or dinner Orlando Easter Brunch and Dinners To Go The table is set, the flowers are blooming, Spring has sprung. Bring your family around the table this Easter Sunday with a ready-to-heat Orlando brunch or dinner from Plate Above Catering. This year, Plate Above... View Article

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wedding table set up décor

Ways to Manage Wedding Day Stress

5 Best Tips for Dealing With Wedding Day Stress: From What You Can Do to What Others Can Do For You Every detail has been considered, from the sweet, floral aroma of the bouquet to the jewels on the dress and veil on your head. Your maid-of-honor assures you everything will be perfect, but you... View Article

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